Galaxy Toolbox


Using this Android app You can clear the network lock of your device, and reset the so called Custom Binary Counter.

In case You do not know what are these things, then You do not need this app.
If You know, then You’ll appreciate it real.

Supported devices

Samsung Galaxy Pocket
– GT-S5300
– GT-S5300B
– GT-S5300L
Samsung Galaxy Y series
– GT-S5360
– GT-S5360B
– GT-S5360L
– GT-S5360T
– GT-S5363
– GT-S5367
– GT-S5368
– GT-S5369
Samsung Galaxy Pro
– GT-B5510
– GT-B5510B
– GT-B5510L
Samsung Galaxy Pop Pro
– GT-S5570I
Samsung Galaxy Ace (new model with 832MHz CPU)
– GT-S5830i
– GT-S5830C
– GT-S5830M
– GT-S5839i
DUAL SIM models:
– GT-S5302 (Pocket Duos)
– GT-S5302B
– GT-B5512 (Y Pro Duos)
– GT-B5512B
– GT-S6102 (Y Duos)
– GT-S6102B
– GT-S6802 (ACE Duos)
– GT-S6802B


Current GA version: Google Play Store
Beta versions:


12 Responses to Galaxy Toolbox

  1. Jack says:

    Do you recommend this app for Galaxy Mini? (S5570 not S5570I)

  2. biswajit says:

    will it work for 5830i samsung ?? like reset the bin down count??

  3. George says:

    It worked with a GT-5830i, great tool!!

    Would it work with a GT-S6310 Young???


  4. Gábor says:


    S5570i-vel használnám. A kérdésem csak annyi, hogy ha egyszer feloldotta a zárat a szoftver, akkor utána ha eltávolítom a root-ot és az appot, esetleg másik romot teszek rá, nyitva marad a hálózati zár?

  5. mick says:

    thanks for all your hard work….iv used this on my samsung galaxy ace and it was fantastic….would it work on s3 mini….GT-I8190 ?? thanks

  6. MasterTecno says:

    Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5280 is compatile?

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