Galaxy Toolbox v1.22 GA

Last public version has been released on Google Play Store

Full list of supported devices:

Samsung Galaxy Pocket
– GT-S5300
– GT-S5300B
– GT-S5300L
Samsung Galaxy Y series
– GT-S5360
– GT-S5360B
– GT-S5360L
– GT-S5360T
– GT-S5363
– GT-S5367
– GT-S5368
– GT-S5369
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro
– GT-B5510
– GT-B5510B
– GT-B5510L
Samsung Galaxy Pop Pro
– GT-S5570I
Samsung Galaxy Ace (with 832Mhz CPU)
– GT-S5830i
– GT-S5830C
– GT-S5830M
– GT-S5830V
– GT-S5839i
DUAL SIM models:
– GT-S5302 (Pocket Duos)
– GT-S5302B
– GT-B5512 (Y Pro Duos)
– GT-B5512B
– GT-S6102 (Y Duos)
– GT-S6102B
– GT-S6802 (ACE Duos)
– GT-S6802B

Roor required to use!

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15 Responses to Galaxy Toolbox v1.22 GA

  1. sandroidnz says:

    I really need this tool now

  2. Toño Márquez says:

    It´s supported Galaxy Ace Plus 7500L???

    Or will be supported in a near future???

    Thanks !!

  3. gyugyu says:

    Thank you very much my friend. It was 1min and my phone unlock 😉


  4. Schmidt says:

    Toolbox for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S 5369 please

  5. marky domz says:

    doky, hindi po ba available sa galaxy s duos 2 ito? help ayaw padin kahit na root ko na,,

  6. LV says:

    Thank you! After hours and many failed attempts to unlock a rooted Samsung Ace S5830i with apps like Busybox and Galaxy Ace Unlock, this app finally did the trick so easily! Good work, great app!

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