Mobile Odin

Some days ago contacted Chainfire, to have Mobile Odin support for SGY.

He was very helpful, and following his instructions,  I just started to build SGY flash kernel. Hopefully with the kernel not only S536x, but some other models will be supported as well.

Expected to work with:

  • S5360
  • S6102
  • B5510
  • S5570I
  • S5830i
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7 Responses to Mobile Odin

  1. Melvic says:

    can i have your cantact info sir? just in case we have problems which needed professional touch.
    we love your works! keep it up!

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi! Doky. My name is Daniel and I from Argentine. In first place, congratulations and thanks for all about SGY!
    But with the tool “Galaxy ToolBox” you explain that exist an file with the name: bml15 in /dev/bml15. I dont have it. Please help… is common this? Its possible that dont exist. I have root mi cellphone. Please tell me. Thanks! (and excuse me by my bad english, xD)

    • Doky says:

      Hi, the /dev/bml15 reference is a device node, not a file. You can’t see it via a regular file browser/explorer app. If you have Galaxy Y then it exist.

  3. black Teppi says:

    Where is download link?
    I can’t see link to download
    Pls help

  4. Sunamit37 says:

    Hey Doky73,
    keep up your good work, I am a big fan of yours & ur work.
    U have contributed much for development of Galaxy Y, Hat’s off to u man.
    And ur galaxy y toolbox app is awesome. Thnx for the app
    Hey Pls give ur Facebook ID so that I can send u a friend request.
    THNX …

  5. manuek says:

    Hii can you help me convert one packgae to varius files for odin please is a gt-s6102 S6102ZSLD2_S6102OZSLD2_TGY

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