Mobile Odin

Some days ago contacted Chainfire, to have Mobile Odin support for SGY.

He was very helpful, and following his instructions,  I just started to build SGY flash kernel. Hopefully with the kernel not only S536x, but some other models will be supported as well.

Expected to work with:

  • S5360
  • S6102
  • B5510
  • S5570I
  • S5830i

POWER ON this little green robot!

Just started this blog to report on current plans and development results of my recently started Android projects.

Check my current projects on the XDA Developers forum :

– Stock ROMs for SGY (Odin ready files converted by me)
EmeralD ROM for Galaxy Y (project suspended)
– SplitFUS2 – the Odinizer (automatic conversion of the useless stock files)
– SGY Stock kernel collection (10 minutes work by utilizing SplitFUS2 😀 )
– Reset SGY custom bin counter (project finished)
Galaxy Toolbox – unlock & resetbin SGY